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Building Envelope Restoration
FISP Report & Terra Cotta Parapet Replacement
New York, NY

As part of addressing all conditions related to FISP 9, the project involved a comprehensive reconstruction of the terra cotta parapet, decorative terra cotta lintel, and slate sill. A meticulous reconstruction detail was developed specifically for the terra cotta parapet, with a modification implemented at the base to prevent water infiltration at the intersection of the slab and parapet wall. Given that the building is located in a Landmarks District, clear and detailed drawings depicting this modification were created. These drawings were crucial in obtaining approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) for the proposed changes.

Throughout the project, there was extensive collaboration with Gladding McBean, a renowned terra cotta manufacturer. This collaboration resulted in the prompt preparation of shop drawings, which helped expedite the construction schedule. Additionally, to gain further insight into the fabrication process, HDA visited Gladding McBean's factory in Lincoln, CA. To see factory tour, visit out LinkedIn page here.

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